Thank you for asking:

Some information about myself, but if you need to know more or have specific questions, please do not hesitate to call me or write an email.

As an artist I approach my challenges in a creative way. My experience helps in finding a solution regarding the „bigger picture“ of a project - usually time and money. I am not afraid of that and discussing it with the parties involved.

I don´t mind which tools are necessary to get the job done. So I am also proficient with NukeX and know my way around Resolve. If necessary I even write some Python.

Microsoft Hololens and HTC Vive are no strangers to me and I consult and design for mixed, augmented and virtual reality.

I love talking to new people, listening and learning and defining new ideas and challenges.

Additionally I have Flame-ready equipment at home and can offer remote Flame work.

Currently I am based in Munich and available for freelance all over the world.

Brands I have worked for include Audi, BMW, Porsche, Saturn, McDonalds, Nokia, Baileys and many more big and small as well.

Specialities: compositing and design, concept development, client compatibility, set supervision, mobile NukeX, remote Flame, fire fighting

  •   Flame and Smoke
  •   NukeX
  •   VFX Supervision
  •   Design & Art Direction
  •   Photoshop, Resolve and Python
  •   Photography

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